Sunday, June 5, 2011

Competition or Cooperation.

Competition or cooperation and where is the friendship here?
It is beautiful to be a competition between friends, It is beautiful to be providing the best of our ideas but competition must be  based on love and respect and is not intended to hurt the other ..and must to plant a smile in our hearts ...

The competition among friends now, whether social or professional has become an obstacle in building relationships and what is bad in the competition is the lack of the element of trust, and also respect which is the foundation in building a strong friendship

Real competition that increase strength and durability of relations,  increase the connections of friendship ... Strength and honesty and trust and respect…

Some people consider competition  is to win and become the enemy of all of his friends and forget the friendship ... but would this enmity is the incentive for the development and success
What are the reasons for the competition?
What are the conditions of competition?
Is friendship before competition or vice versa?
Is friendship competition or cooperation?

The real Competition does not mean that diminish the value of a friend or despise him or hate HIM/HER .. or detract from his contributions and his comments and activities
it is to help him/her if he needs your understood about a  question and he did not understand… If you did that this is the real friendship.

Friendship is a relationship is part of all that can describe the mutual.. any part of the mutual knowledge and mutual respect and mutual affection and mutual acceptance and …ect
Friendship is also the mutual trust and avoid any act that harms others and the failure of most of the relations of friendship due to the change or negligence or betrayal of trust of a friend.


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