Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Message to a friend

Dear Friend:
You're the first friend. but more than a friend who smiled and laughed with me..
At a time when I need a friend  to speak..
You were always the friend who talk to me..
I always find you whenever I need you..
You were always come without call you..
How much I miss you in these moments. how much I miss your words. how much I miss your thoughts. how much I miss your pen. wish to return for a moment of time  your picture still in my mind ...your thoughts are still with my thoughts ... your words are still ringing with my heartbeat ...
I still feel you here ...but it is impossible to see you ..
Impossible to go back ..
You are in a place where I could never see you, even when I went to that place ..
I will never see you by EYES ..
Only My heart who see you...
Life stole you suddenly from me ..
I had a big dream ..
I had great hope ..

Dear Friend:
You were at the level of friendship that I want .... but more than that .. you are the greatest..
you read my thoughts and my words as if you live with me in the same house ..
How to forget and forget these beautiful moments..
How can I  forget you. and you tried to get me out of prisons.
How can I forget you, and you
 tried that frees me from the past
How can I forget you…and you tried to be released me from??????????
You told me Stay as you are..
Be yourself..
Be honest..
you teach me how I  know myself ..
you teach me how to be honest with myself and how I respect myself ... and you taught me how to respect others ..

Dear Friend
I know where you are now? ..but I feel sad whenever I remember where you are? .. and I feel very distressed Because I can not do anything for you and this is beyond my ability ..
I'm just a human being just like you ..
But make sure that I will never forget you ..

Let the whole world know that our friendship had not dispersed by the language and not separated by religion ,race, color, border, seas, ocean and no mountains ...and not anything else ..
Let the world knows that the understanding is the basis of the success of all friendships
Whatever I wrote and wrote and spoke and spoke, I can not describe you ..


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