Saturday, December 4, 2010

* The First Love

Seven years ago when I was sitting ..and standing..
While I was sitting or standing  she was looks at me…I feel the ray and light of her eyes fill the place
and space..
I engrave and write her name on my chairs and my books..
Eyes sights...and moments of silence were thousands of words of true love..
I was enter the first to see her coming, and come out to see her going..
Morning greeting was the sweeter breeze of the most beautiful eyes..
Farewell was the most wonderful eyes smile... Smile ...Stay with me always if the beginning of each new day..
I wished that time back for a moment ...
To see myself sitting and standing, to see her smile, to write her name..To see again the beginning of the most beautiful day of my life
All of this for the first love ....Was seven years ago...

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