Monday, December 20, 2010


Dear readers.  Peace be upon you..
Allow me to write and explain some points. In simple words .... I'm not political .. and I am not an extremist in religion ... I'm just a simple person.

The world now .. and a lot of people in this world looks to Islam look very harsh .. and judge all Muslims with the same rule ....Especially after the events of 9 / 11 they say Islam is a religion of terrorism and murder ... .. and the Koran calling for the killing of every human being is not a Muslim ... Became every Muslim terrorist in this world ... more than a billion Muslims are terrorists ....
Islam is a religion of peace and love and freedom and cooperation and good, mercy and compassion .... Islam does not call for evil never .. or to hate the other because he differs with you in religion or color or race or anything else ... This is the true Islam .. and who says the opposite is a liar.
I know very well that my words will not like a lot of people even from some of Muslims But I do not care ... because I express myself and tell the truth

Dear readers
I felt very sad and many Muslims felt  very sad in what happened in the U.S.A.(9/11). .. The man who did this evil act .. and every Muslim man who is doing evil to kill innocent people .. it does not represent me and never represent Islam .....
The spirit of  human in Islam has no price ... And can not be anyone to take someone else's life for whatever reason ... Islam order us to believe in all prophets and messengers and holy books ... And the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him order us and tells us to love others and no to racism. Because Islam is a religion of humanity  and peace…..

Dear readers
We must differentiate between true Islam and the extremists Muslim who interpret the Koran .. according to their opinions.
I know….
This makes the other think a lot.
Who are these people?
Why did this work?
On what basis?
They answer, because he is Muslim because Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and  Islam is a religion of killing…..

But I'm here .. I say that whatever the person .. whatever his religion. Whatever the color ..... this does not allow him never to kill innocent people
Dear readers
We now look at what is happening in many places of the world ... I'm sure that there are hidden reasons and that there are people with special programs and goals in making the world live this madness ......
There are those who want to spread hatred and racism, murder and terrorism in the name of religion or other names
Therefore, we the people and we have to stop and look around us .. we all live on one earth . and under the same sky. and breathe the same air ... we are all human beings ..

I and many like me do not hate the American people or the French people or English people  ...... and not any one ... I do not like the bad man, even if my brother We Muslims are our attitudes about the foreign policies of the United States and Western countries.. In the conflict between Palestine and Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan .... and about the problems of the environment…. But this is not the reason to hijacked a plane full of innocent children and women .... and go out to a place where innocent people are working for their children and their families .... and hit by the plan .... or put a bomb in a tunnel for trains or in the car .....No One Accept that.....
And no one accepts also duplication in dealing with international issues ... such as the Palestinian issue and like the war in Iraq, the whole world was against the Iraq war even the UN  .. and a lot of other examples,you know this .......
But  I repeat that the solution is dialogue. the change and the solution in the hands of the people ... we should be wiser than politicians…( I stop here)



Saturday, December 11, 2010


I found this poem and I liked the words and meanings ... I hope you like it:)
Most children want to copy adults fast
They try to dress and talk and walk like one;
They want to do the things what adults do;
But children can’t be adults before time!

Adults dream of their childhood years at times;
They cannot move or speak or walk child-like;
They cannot be innocent like children;
They can’t become children again in life.

The elderly have dreams of their own too;
Oh, how they wish they were younger in age!
They recollect the things they did when young;
Their frames and minds are weaker than they think!

All human beings live in dreams galore;
Most dreams cannot become reality;
Our dreams must be something we can well do;
Too much of dreams don’t help to dash ahead.

Each stage of life can be lived only once;
One cannot go back or ahead in time;
Be happy with whatever you’ve achieved;
Life is so wonderful they way it is!

Just keep your mind and heart as per your age;
Be aware of the limits, risks, you take;
Life shouldn’t be lost even through accidents;
Life is the greatest gift of God to you!

Thank God for whatever you are in life;
Thank Him for gift of human life and soul;
Thank Him for all the things, He’d done for you;
Thank Him for all His love and kindness shown!

 Copyright by Dr John Celes 10-12-2008

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

* Waiting ....

What can I write… Or stay and wait…
May write Nostalgic and Longing… Or what….?
Or maybe write my Confusion and my Illusion ... Or what ...?
I'm looking for a bright jewel in a dark black night ...
I want it .... but it disappear .... I see it .... but it fade between the gray clouds ...
I looked at the sky I found it far ... I looked to the ground I felt fear…I whispered to myself this is not fair…
I pondered the ocean I felt terrified ... I pondered again I felt horrified .... and I ran away and away ... to where ...? To surrender and leave the jewel…Or what…?
Is it to escape from the truth!! Or return to the truth!!
Is the jewel only a desire? .....Or is it a real heartbeats..?
…….So I am Waiting…


Saturday, December 4, 2010

* The First Love

Seven years ago when I was sitting ..and standing..
While I was sitting or standing  she was looks at me…I feel the ray and light of her eyes fill the place
and space..
I engrave and write her name on my chairs and my books..
Eyes sights...and moments of silence were thousands of words of true love..
I was enter the first to see her coming, and come out to see her going..
Morning greeting was the sweeter breeze of the most beautiful eyes..
Farewell was the most wonderful eyes smile... Smile ...Stay with me always if the beginning of each new day..
I wished that time back for a moment ...
To see myself sitting and standing, to see her smile, to write her name..To see again the beginning of the most beautiful day of my life
All of this for the first love ....Was seven years ago...